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How big can a watch be?

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Watch size: How to find the perfect model for your wrist

Choosing the right watch size can be a tricky matter. But don't worry, we are here to help you.

In our video we give you some recommendations so you can find the perfect size for your wrist. The current trend is towards slightly smaller watches, and many renowned luxury watch manufacturers are following this example. Take Omega, for example, who reduced the size of the Planet Ocean model from 45.5 mm to 43.5 mm.

gezeigt wird ein Arm in der Nahaufnahme und eine große Uhr am Handgelenk die absteht verdeutlicht mit rotem Kreis

The clock height

Of course, the height of the watch is also important. You can recognize an oversized watch when a triangle forms between your arm and the watch when viewed from the side, as shown here.

Here's a rule of thumb

which can help you when trying it on: If you wear the watch at 12 o'clock, there should still be about a finger's width of space between the bracelet and your arm. At 6 o'clock it should be about two fingers' width.

Wrist circumference decides: How to find the perfect watch

In order to find the perfect watch for your wrist, it is important to know the size of your wrist.

We recommend the following guidelines, especially for men's watches:

  • Wrist circumference of 16 cm and a watch diameter of 38 mm - 41 mm
  • Wrist circumference of 17 cm and a watch diameter of 39 mm - 42 mm
  • Wrist circumference of 18 cm and a watch diameter of 40 mm - 44 mm
  • Wrist circumference of 19 cm and a watch diameter of 41 mm - 45 mm
  • Wrist circumference of 20 cm and a watch diameter of 42 mm - 46 mm
  • Wrist circumference of 21 cm and a watch diameter of 43 mm - 50 mm

Of course, your personal taste also plays a role. At the end of the day, you should like the watch and feel comfortable with it. Watch our video and be inspired by our recommendations to find the perfect watch size for you.

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