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Questions & answers about buying your luxury watch

Everything about the seller

How do I see if the online shop is trustworthy?

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Adjusters for trustworthiness are reviews from customers. Ratings are collected from Google, Ebay, Chrono24.

Another plus is if the online shop is a Trusted Shop. Trusted Shops costs the shop operator money and imposes conditions on the shop - both during initial qualification - and at regular intervals.

Are checked:

Identity & Accessibility

Security & Privacy

Revocation & Return

Products & Costs

Order & Transparency

Service & shopping experience means a positive customer experience - ie the shop must be rated at least 3.0 by the customers.

Another important criterion is that a responsible person/owner is named in the imprint of the shop, which you can also google. A landline phone number and/or a shop are also to be rated positively.

What should I look out for when buying a used watch?

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The authenticity of the luxury watch plays a major role. Lay
Original papers and box? This is not the case with older models
always the case, rules apply here such as: is the watch dealer
trustworthy? What ratings are there?

What is the condition of the watch? Take a look at the photos or, even better, look at the desired watch on site. Are there slight signs of wear or deep scratches? How is that
behavior of the watch? - Can the seller answer these questions?

A history of the luxury watch increases the value of the watch.

Compare market prices
- where the brand, the model, the material are decisive.
Find out about the market situation, the price differences
can be significant.

And when you buy your luxury watch from a jeweler/watch retailer, you get a 1-year warranty on the watch. There is no guarantee if you buy from a private person.

Everything around the clock

How do I know if the watch is genuine?

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The original papers and the experience of a watch dealer document the authenticity.

Andrea's passion for watches has existed for over 35 years. He quickly recognizes whether the watch is a fake or not. The fakes are becoming more and more professional, which one does not recognize immediately. A look inside the watch is essential here. We work with experienced master watchmakers who subject each watch to an authenticity check.

If the watch does not have original papers, we will certify its authenticity in the form of a certificate. We will document the reference/serial number on the personalized invoice.

Are the photos in the online shop of the watch?

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Yes, we take new photos of each watch. We invest a lot of time in the photos! The demand on us is to depict the watch in detail. The photos are taken in our photo studio. The images are neither retouched nor revised. We show the watch exactly as it is.

Is the offered price negotiable?

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We calculate the prices in terms of the end consumer. The price is made up of the purchase price, the overhaul of the watch, possibly including changing the bracelet and placing it in the online shop, including high-quality photos up to the point of sale. You will find that we calculate our prices fairly. We kindly ask you to refrain from inquiring what is the last price. Thank you very much!

Can I choose a different leather strap color?

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With the first purchase, you will receive your luxury watch with the manufacturer's original leather strap. Leather bracelets usually wear out after 1.5-2 years. You will then need a NEW one. In the item description, we indicate which bracelet is currently mounted on the watch.

Speaking of which: we have a large number of high-quality alligator leather straps in stock. A color change is possible! Feel free to contact us.

Is it difficult to adjust the length of my metal bracelet?

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No it is not. You will receive a screwdriver set from us with your new watch. Give us a call and we'll make the cut together.

And if you don't want to do it yourself, any jeweler or watchmaker will cut it for you. This costs up to 10 EURO.

Another alternative is: tell us your hand size and we will adjust the bracelet. The removed band elements are of course included with the watch.

Everything about the purchase

What payment options do I have?

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We offer the following payment options

• by bank transfer - payment in advance

• with a credit card such as Mastercard, Visa, American Express

• by PayPal - please note that the delivery - for security reasons - can be made to the address that is stored in your PayPal account.

Or you can pick up your luxury watch directly from our shop in Munich. Here you can

• pay cash

• with an EC card - please pay attention to the activated sums of your bank

• or by credit card.

Can I trade in my watch?

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We are happy to accept "your watch" in payment. Your watch will be offset against the NEW one or we will buy your OLD one. Please contact us - we will be happy to make you an offer.

Questions & Answers on Shipping & Returns

How is the luxury watch shipped? And how much is shipping?

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We will send your watch insured and by express. Shipping in Germany is free of charge for you. We ship "overnight" in Germany. In our delivery times, we give 3-5 working days - always depending on the form of payment.

We have had good experiences with our delivery services "UPS/Fedex/Parcel Broker". We have been working with the shipping companies for over 15 years.

You will receive a tracking number from us via e-mail, which will show you where your watch is.

We refuse to work with DHL, Hermes or DPD, as these watches do not insure. More information at times .

What are the delivery times?

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We deliver quickly if the interaction "Payment -> Shipping" works. In our shop we speak of a delivery of 3-5 working days throughout Germany and 5-7 working days for other countries.

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Can I return the watch I bought online?

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Watches that you bought from us in the shop enjoy a 14-day right of return. Provided that you handle the watch with care - i.e. the watch has no signs of wear or the bracelet is sweaty/damaged.

You can find out how to revoke this at the following link .

One last request: do not send the watch back to us freight collect!

What happens with my data?

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We take your personal data seriously and comply with the applicable data protection law. Detailed information can be found under the following link .

We would like to pick out two points in advance:

1. If you use the contact form on our website, your consent is required in advance. Once the request has been completed, we will delete your data.

2. If you buy or sell a watch, we need your data to fulfill our contractual obligations. These are: correspondence with you, shipping the goods, processing, payment, invoicing or also for processing any warranty claims.

Questions & answers on watch sales

What distinguishes from other sellers when buying watches?

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Individual and personal advice is our top priority.

We want the sale to take place on a trusting basis and you as a seller to be happy . At watches24 you always have a permanent contact person - Andreas Hildebrand.

Our goal is a satisfactory deal for both sides. You have to be comfortable with your decision. That is why we attach great importance to open and transparent communication.

This is of course also possible online! Especially if you are not face-to-face, we would like to explain the pricing to you in detail.

This is how we determine the value of your watch

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Would you like to check the purchase value of your watch yourself? They can either get information on Internet portals such as Ebay and Chrono24 or obtain offers from used watch dealers. Be sure to include the reference number .

Depending on the manufacturer, these can be found on the back of the case, on part of the lugs or on the dial. The more information you provide the retailer with, the more accurate the picture they get of the watch for sale and thus determine a very precise value.

We determine the value of your watch based on these factors:

•Our experience

• Expected time until the watch is sold

• Comparison with the prices of other offered watches

• Based on your information

Our expert tip: It is best to always get more than one offer.

With the help of these points, we are able to determine the correct value of your watch for you.

Why is the right selling price important?

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If the desired purchase price is excessive, potential buyers are usually deterred. In some cases, dealers offer you the opportunity to sell the watch on commission. The commission sale shows you what price your watch can achieve on the market.

The seller usually asks between 10 and 15% of the selling price. You may have to pay for watch refurbishment, a new strap and service costs. That means: A fair direct purchase offer is often better than a commission sale. Understandably, you don't want to undersell your watch.

In the case of commission sales, it can happen that the price of the watch has to be reduced after a certain period of time. So you end up finding yourself at market value.

What factors affect the value of my watch?

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The answers to the following questions will affect the value of your watch .

• The current market situation.

• What is the condition of your watch? Is it new or has it been worn daily?

• Does your watch have technical or optical defects ?

Does your watch have :

-- The original manufacturer's warranty certificate

-- If necessary, spare parts that were exchanged after a service by the manufacturer

-- The original sales packaging

-- The manufacturer's description booklets

-- Further documentation from the service

-- The initial purchase invoice

• Are all parts original from the manufacturer?

• Is the watch limited to a certain number of pieces ?

• Does your watch have any special features compared to other watches of the same type, such as a different dial colour? This can have both positive and negative effects on the value of the watch.

How long does it take to get a review?

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We test your watch for:

• Originality

• Gait behavior

• Optical and technical condition

If you send us your watch, we will evaluate it as soon as it arrives . We will then contact you to negotiate the price.

On site in the shop in Munich, you will immediately receive price information.

Is shipping my watch safe?

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The watch will be fully insured and picked up from you by a courier. Thus, the location of your watch can always be based on the

Tracking number can be traced. I now have 15 years of experience with trusted delivery services like UPS and Fedex collected - I warmly recommend them to you. I do not recommend working with DHL, Hermes or DPD, as these providers do not insure jewellery, coins or watches.

When do I get my money?

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Upon arrival, we will first check your watch for originality

and gait behavior. The purchase price will be discussed again if there are any changes. We will then transfer the agreed amount to you by immediate payment .

When will I get my watch back - if we don't buy it?

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If we cannot agree on a selling price, we will send the watch back to you the same day. Our courier picks up goods from our store around 3:00 p.m. every day. If there is a delay in deciding whether or not to sell the watch, it will not be returned until the next day.

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